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Demag StatusControl

Full control over your system status information - Diagnostics in real time

Demag StatusControl: provides you with remote access in real time - for all current and relevant operating data and their analysis at a glance.

Reduce the risk of downtimes, optimise your operating processes and plan the strategic and cost-effective maintenance of your crane installations.

Keep an overview of the current status of your installations at all times:
Demag StatusControl is the first wireless remote access system for cranes and hoists that delivers, analyses and evaluates data in real time. Regardless of the brand of your installations. Data is transferred via WLAN or GSM standards.
Whether you are in the factory, in your office or on the road:
Demag StatusControl supplies you with all relevant operating data at a glance.


You can access the remote monitoring system direct via our intuitive software tool, which you can use in the same way on your PC or tablet (operating system: Windows). The traffic-light system shows you what needs to be done straight away.

Demag StatusControl enables you to combine all operating data and all of your status reports into a single system

Email: PM-Parts@demagcranes.com

Special topics

DEMAG CAN-Monitor 3.0.0

Besides various improvements the new CAN-Monitor 3.0.0 has been optimized in connection with the latest DR-Rope-Hoist controller software version 5.xx
 - 1 control unit
 - 2 control units
 - Smart Tandem Crane
 - signal state trolley/crane
 - signal state WAGO

The tool is now available for download by registered users.